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The Last Mixed Tape Readers E.P. of the Year 2014 – Voting

Stephen White

The shortlist is up and voting is now open for the Last Mixed Tape Readers E.P. of the Year 2014 poll.

Following the reception the current the Last Mixed Tape’s Readers’ Album of the Year has received, and numerous requests, TLMT has drawn up a shortlist of E.P’s released in the last twelve months for readers to choose their E.P of the year 2014.

With such a rich list of E.P. releases seen this year TLMT had a hard time choosing its own Top 20 extended plays of 2014. Now it’s only fair that you, the reader, can now have your say on which record connected with you the most this year.

Voting will close on Sunday, December 14th. See below for the full list of E.P’s to pick from.

To vote simply click on the E.P/artist of your choosing and press the “Vote” button found at the end of the panel.

11 comments on “The Last Mixed Tape Readers E.P. of the Year 2014 – Voting

  1. Sexy voids!

  2. Loving Aoife Underwater, she is an amazing singer

  3. Michele McCourt

    Travis Oaks are rockin’

  4. Catherine Enright

    Love the Hard Ground. Can’t wait for tryptic 3

  5. Dee Sheehan

    Loving Rain Songs. Go Brian!

  6. Loving myself some Pockets’s

  7. Slow riot all the way

  8. Rain Songs!! Brian Casey ftw 🙂

  9. Rain songs, Brian Casey.

  10. Rain songs. Brian Casey

  11. Lardarius de Kobb

    Implicit Content by Shookrah is my Lock Of The Year!

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