Listen | God Hates Disco streams three-part track ‘Sick At Heart’

God Hates Disco

Experimental duo God Hates Disco have unveiled their three-part epic, entitled ‘Sick At Heart Parts 1 to 3’.

Incorporating Steve Reich-esque use of found sound (a clip of Mario Savio’s affecting 1964 “Bodies upon the gears” speech) and a growling backdrop of claustrophobic, repressive textures, ‘Sick at Heart’ is an unforgiving piece of post-minimalism that challenges and ultimately rewards the listener.

Uncompromising and unique, God Hates Disco have carved out a definite tonal edge in ‘Sick At Heart’ that captures upheaval and frustration sonically, through a harsh collage of experimentalism and alternative-rock leanings.

Click below to listen to ‘Sick At Hear Part 1 to 3’ by God Hates Disco.

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