Jack O’Rourke – Naivety

Cork based songwriter Jack O’Rourke has unveiled his new music video for the single ‘Naivety’.

Directed by Barra Vernon, the highly stylized visuals, night-time setting and set design of the ‘Naivety’ music video more than matches the grandeur of the music.

Using light and shadow to great effect (a special nod to Rupert MacCarthy-Morrogh for his work) the video beautifully uses this contrast to create depth and shade to the visuals.

This approach is best seen in the dance scenes where performers Aisling Keating’s and Wesley Van Oeffelen’s fluid movement is cast and silhouetted against the side of Lougueville House.

A big, bold, large-scale production that commits completely to the full-bodied timbre of Jack O’Rourke’s rich vocal and the dramatic sound of the music itself, ‘Naivety’ is a striking, attention grabbing single from the artist.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Naivety’ by Jack O’Rourke. The single itself is due for release on October 29th.

Directed & Edited by Barra Vernon.
Lighting by Rupert MacCarthy-Morrogh.
Dancers : Aisling Keating and Wesley Van Oeffelen
Special thanks to the Bence Jones family of Glenville House for the use of their magical woods and Aisling and William O Callaghan of Longueville House and Rupert Atkinson for his kindness.

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  1. vollschlanke frau sucht schlanken mann Dirnbach.

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