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Fox Jaw – Falling Debris

Limerick based alternative-rock band Fox Jaw have released their latest music video for ‘Falling Debris’.

Directed by Shane Serrano (who helmed Fox Jaw’s previous music video ‘Hijack’) ‘Falling Debris’ takes on a minimalist theatre aesthetic driven forward by a definite political ethos, outlined in the accompanying quote in the video’s about section.

“In Ireland we have a big problem. We seem to have lost our rebellious spirit and that ‘call to action’ that our forefathers had. Although we may see what’s wrong with the world around us, we do nothing about it. We choose to ignore it. And even if we do protest for something, it’s for all the wrong reasons.”

Fitting in with the staged visuals, choreographed dance set-pieces and cardboard backdrops play into Serrano’s concept giving the overall message a defined and grounded feel that’s based in satire.

Coupled with Fox Jaw’s distinct, off-kilter sound that seems to elude an ominous tonal undercurrent, Serrano and his crew perfectly match the straight-to-the-point lyrical edge of ‘Falling Debris’ and the up-tempo, bouncing mood of the song itself.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Falling Debris’ by Fox Jaw. The single is due for release on September 12th digitally & as a limited edition transparent vinyl.

Directed & Edited by: Shane Serrano
Shot by: Shane Serrano & Colm O’Neill
Lighting: Ciarán Murtagh
Choreography: Mags O’Donoghue & Krystal O’Brien
Starring (in order of appearance): Phillip P. Coffey, Donna Lane Frahill, Chelsey McNamara, Corrine Oggel, Angelo Chris Bangay, Lance Conway, Dave Daly, Mary Hughes, Rossa Sheehan, Niall Dempsey, Ado Cunningham, Nora Rodriguez, Krystal O’Brien, Kristin Fontanella, Lucy Dawson, Ronan Mitchell.

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