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Color//Sound – To The Countryside

Dublin four-piece Color//Sound have unveiled the music video for their début single ‘To The Countryside’.

Set to the turbulent rhythm and deep harmony of ‘To The Countryside’, the music video flickers with projected imagery that fade from one shot to the next.

Beautifully composed cinematography conveys the brooding tone that flows beneath the group’s layered harmonies and shimmering guitar work. Nicely executed use of shadow and light also help to translate the atmosphere of Color//Sound’s music visually.

As the pace and sonic bedrock of ‘To The Countryside’ begin to build to the song’s screeching crescendo so does the flashing tapestry of images that forms the single’s accompanying video. A striking augmentation and melding of visuals elements the videos closing section works to mirror the tracks brilliant finale.

A swirling piece of alternative-rock Color//Sound have made an incredibly evocative introduction with ‘To The Countryside’. It will be interesting to see how the band continue in this rich vein in the future.

Click above to watch the new music video foe Color//Sound‘s single ‘To The Countryside’.

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