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The Mixed-Tape | R.S.A.G – I’ll Be There



In this edition of our song of the week feature The Mixed-Tape the spotlight turns to Rarely Seen Above Ground’s brand new single ‘I’ll Be There’.

A persistent loop of vocal underscored by a dense textural weight sets the scene for R.S.A.G’s captivating return. Cast in a tense slow-burning atmosphere, ‘I’ll Be There’ echoes and pulses with rhythmical pops and clicks that gradually unveil the sheer depth of field found within the recording.

Pulled forward by a frantic percussive centre, R.S.A.G brings the more ominous creeping synth sounds into focus, working to give aspect to these elements and more clearly shade them into the song’s overall aesthetic. Indeed this often seems like the entire concept of ‘I’ll Be There’ as the multi-instrumentalist melds each part into another.

Almost filmic in its composition the production of the song conveys a landscape in and off itself by drawing the attention further into the vastness of the track through the sudden subtle sonic flourishes found within the background, anchored syncopated beats of the middle-ground and the foreground’s up-close, yet hushed, vocal interplay. While each section of the track changes the visual and sonic angle.

With its taut brooding mood ‘I’ll Be There’ expands the widened sonic scope of R.S.A.G’s previous E.P Rotate while still maintaining the eclectic nature of the artist’s sound found in both Organic Sampler and 2010’s Be It Right or Wrong. Bringing forth a shuddering array of stylistic twists and turns, the song is an exciting glimpse at the musician’s ever evolving and moving take on his sound but R.S.A.G’s forthcoming album as well.

It is for these reasons that ‘I’ll Be There’ by R.S.A.G is this week’s addition to The Mixed-Tape. The single itself is out nowTo read the previous additions to the feature click here.

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