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Cold Comfort – When Love Grew Wild

Dublin based alternative-folk act Cold Comfort have unveiled their new music video for the single ‘When Love Grew Wild’.

Directed by Shaun Ryan, the vast scope and atmospheric aesthetic of the visuals create an isolated, evocative tone to Cold Comfort’s deeply dynamic sound.

Throughout the piece Ryan uses tense imagery to build the taut, dark undercurrent of the video’s narrative. Unrelenting in its sense of dread, the large open cinematography adds to the feeling of helplessness and scale, using inter-cutting close-ups that fixate upon the violence of the finale to portray a more claustrophobic juxtaposition visually.

The video’s wind-swept mountainous setting, over cast by grew skies mirror the stark nature of the piece and add to the overall, highly stylised production of the ‘When Love Grew Wild’.

Through Shaun Ryan’s brilliant use of mood and harrowing atmosphere the sheer weight of Cold Comfort’s new single is translate with a precise feel.

Unsettling and affecting, Shaun Ryan’s music video for Cold Comfort’s brilliant new single ‘When Love Grew Wild’ is a unique visual take on the group’s powerful music.

Click above to watch the new music video for ‘When Love Grew Wild’ taken from Cold Comfort’s upcoming album Tainted Winds. 


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