Printer Clips – The Left Sleeve

Bell X1 Printer Clips

Featuring four heart-wrenching duets Printer Clips’ début E.P The Left Sleeve delivers a deeply affecting experience. 

From the soft ambience of ‘Apparatchik’ the intimate atmosphere of The Left Sleeve is clearly established. Calmly insisting itself with each interwoven moment between Noonan and Lisa Hannigan, the simplicity in sound translated is simply beautiful to behold.

By the time the full scope of the recording is realised in the song’s melodically bracing crescendo Printer Clips’ music has taken hold. Used as a subtle texture that permeates throughout the record, the gentle echo of each note alludes to a larger soundscape in sudden, yet brief, glimpses.

Between the serene calm and  large swells of reverb that suddenly engulf each recording the nuanced beauty of Paul Noonan’s song-writing is given a sense of aspect through the E.P’s overall concept. And while this approach could overpower the record in more unsure hands, Noonan’s talent keeps the E.P sounding focused.

Working to further progress the textural deftness of The Left Sleeve, each guest vocalist brings forth their own distinct timbre to diversify the E.P’s sound.

Whether it be the hushed subtly of Maria Doyle Kennedy on ‘The Cartographer’, the delicate delivery of Amy Millan on ‘If I Had Your Grace’, the deep-seated emotion of Joan As Policewoman on ‘Vapour Trail or the simply captivating combination of Noonan and Hannigan on ‘Apparatchik’ each voice captures the imagination.

The Left Sleeve‘s minimalist production, combined with the creativity from limitations aesthetic and strength of song-writing result in a record that works on every level. Providing a stunning début from Printer Clips it will be interesting to hear how this unique approach is expanded upon and augmented in the future.

Rating: 9/10

The Left Sleeve by Printer Clips is out now.

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