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My Tribe Your Tribe – Outside Red (live)

Dublin-based artist My Tribe Your Tribe was filmed performing live at HomeBeat #19 recently.

Part of the HomeBeat series of monthly concerts, My Tribe Your Tribe’s live performance of ‘Outside Red’ was filmed by Catherine Ferris at their latest event.

With the ambient lighting casting flickering shadows upon the old stone wall of the concert’s unique setting, My Tribe Your Tribe’s radiant textural sound resonates both sonically and visually. While the warm aesthetic of the night is conveyed through unobtrusive, yet captivating, imagery.

Ferris’s decision to project the camera upwards gives a sense of aspect, and leaves the visuals speak for themselves as dancing silhouettes move in rhythm to the pulsing atmosphere of the artist’s music captured within the venue’s glowing atmosphere.

Showcasing the singular approach of My Tribe Your Tribe, and HomeBeat themselves, the palpable creativity behind the pair is translated with an engrossing live performance. Portraying the intimate nature of the HomeBeat’s individualistic take on the concert going experience.

Click above to watch My Tribe Your Tribe’s brilliant performance of ‘Outside Red’ at HomeBeat #19. For more information on HomeBeat visit their Facebook page.

Audio recorded and mixed by: Tony Fitz
Video by: Catherine Ferris

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