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Eulogys – Hush


Hush, the latest E.P from Dublin indie-pop duo Eulogys, delivers the group’s most sonically expansive work to date.

Infused with great depth of field that echoes and reverberates with each note receding into the vast soundscape of the recording’s overall body of sound, Hush impressively depicts a large-scale ambience within its short four track running time.

Opening with what is possibly the E.P’s high water mark ‘World’s End’, it becomes clear that the landscapes and world in which Eulogys’ serene music resides has broadened its sonic boundaries. With the grooving syncopated guitar work giving the track a melodically and percussively moving backdrop, the enchanting vocals that form the song’s harmonic core are given room to roam and expand upon the duo’s deep-seated sound.

Furthering the echoing, reverberant aesthetic of Hush, ‘175’ and ‘Prisms’ develop the record in terms of mood and tone. With ‘Prisms’, Eulogys explore the group’s vocal textures more succinctly giving the track a sense of space and ease that is captivating.

The more slow-burning, brooding feel of the title-track brings Hush to an ominous close. Adding a darker tone to the overall spectrum of the record, the song works to give Eulogys’ sound another shape and mood.

As an E.P Hush works to sonically expand Eulogy’s sound, with the duo adding more tone, mood and depth to their music. The isolated nature and sense of focus that permeates the record is stunning and combined with the subtle production delivers an engrossing release from the band. It will be interesting to hear how Eulogys’ move this approach forward when it comes to a full-length album in the future.

Rating: 8/10

Hush by Eulogys is out now.

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