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The Mixed-Tape | Paddy Hanna – Rattling Chains

Paddy Hanna

In this edition of our song of the week feature “The Mixed-Tape” we spotlight the track ‘Rattling Chains’, taken from indie-folk songwriter Paddy Hanna’s début album Leafy Stiletto.

From the opening drum fill to the sudden vibrant crash of jangling guitar and melodically rising harmonica the vivid sonic spectrum of ‘Rattling Chains’ comes clearly into focus, working as the perfect backdrop for Hanna’s brilliant lyricism to reside.

Pulsing with a joyous indie-folk sound, the sublime interweaving elements of Paddy Hanna and his band performing together gives an inclusive, organic feel to the recording. With a palpable sense of depth each melody and harmony moves and is supported by the group’s stunning interplay, with subtle touches such as the tracks backing vocal giving weight to the song’s overall sound.

However, the core of Paddy Hanna’s song writing rests in the artist’s stunning lyrical passages. Open, honest and emotive, Hanna’s eye for detail and expressionistic descriptive tone results in several flourishes of simple brilliance with lines such as “my knees bend when I am scared” showcasing the observational aspect of the songwriter’s talents.

In an album heavily populated with flashes of inspiration (see ‘On This Peer Too Long’ and ‘Face In Gravel’) ‘Rattling Chains’ best captures the sound, atmosphere and understated nature of Paddy Hanna’s song writing.

It is for these reasons that ‘Rattling Chains’ by Paddy Hanna is this weeks addition to “The Mixed-Tape”. The song’s parent album ‘Leafy Stiletto’ is out now via Popical Island.

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