The Altered Hours interview

The Altered Hours

The Altered Hours are currently recording their début studio album in Berlin at the moment. The group recently released their latest single ‘Dig Early’ and will also perform as part of Word of Mouth Agency’s The Certain Three tour this month (click here for more details). Band member Elaine Howley spoke to theLastMixedTape’s Stephen White about the new single and how their new L.P is taking shape.

The Altered Hours just released the single ‘Dig Early’. How does this song progress the group’s sound from last year’s Sweet Jelly Roll E.P?

For me ‘Dig Early’ is more focused, especially with the visuals and music working together. Whereas the E.P may have shown too many sides of our music. We have many faces as a band, but this track is more dark and fierce sounding. We don’t ever want to be boxed in as one thing, that’s important, and this song gives both sides of that spectrum.

In terms of the visuals you worked on the Altered Hours new video with Mary Kelleher and Izabella Szczutkowska. How important is the relationship between the visual and sonic elements to you?

It’s strange I usually shy away from film. I get very emotional about it and get into an emotional heap for hours later (laughs). But I have been always more interested in photography. Growing up I remember all the really memorable music video’s from bands I liked, so making a video for the band was a fun process. Mary is my best friend so working with her was so much fun, and Izabella is so talented and constantly working in a Dark Room on her photos. What we ended up with was a sort of hypnotic journey.

Your working in Berlin at the moment on your début album. What brought you to do the recording in Germany?

Fabien Leseure our producer, who worked on our last E.P, brought us here. After those first sessions on the Sweet Jelly Roll E.P we really wanted to work with him again. Fabien’s worked with Anton Newcombe, we are massive fans of Anton’s as well so it was great to come and work here in Funkhaus studios.

It’s all taking shape, they’re recording the guitars at the moment. It’s getting very noisy in there, I’m wearing tissue in my ears most of the time (laughs). The sound is more dense and gritty this time as well.

The city has a rich history of band’s recording there. Has the atmosphere and locale of Berlin influenced your performance in the studio? 

Although we had the core of the songs ready before coming over, it’s hard not to separate the two. Funkhaus is in this industrial, eastern part of Berlin and I think that seeps into the performance. Also, being here makes it feel more real and professional to me, the studio is beautiful so it’s hard not to be influenced by that as well.

Click below to watch the new video for the Altered Hours ‘Dig Early’ filmed by Mary Kelleher, Izabella Szczutkowska and Elaine Howley.

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