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Elastic Sleep

In this edition of our song of the week feature “The Mixed-Tape” we highlight the stunning new single ‘Leave You’ from Dream-pop outfit Elastic Sleep.

From the gorgeous glistening textures that populate the opening of ‘Leave You’ the sheer depth of field found within the recording is captured as the sound shimmers and recede gently into the song’s sonic backdrop. This harmonic beauty is perfectly offset by Elastic Sleep’s powerful, visceral wash of noise infused Dream-pop that growls its way throughout ‘Leave You’.

The melodically captivating instrumentation found within ‘Leave You’ showcases the growth in Elastic Sleep’s music as the screeching aesthetic of lead guitar dominates the track when called upon, only to fall back into the harmonic tapestry when the vocal appears. This ebb and flow of sonic elements creates a vast sense of space to the recording as every part finds its own place within the single’s broad spectrum of sound.

Above the crashing cacophony of interwoven guitars and pounding percussion sits the vocal. Capturing the imagination from the outset the hushed subtle timbre softly dominates the track, stealing focus while still feeling part of the recordings overall all wall of sound. With each enchanting melodic delivery the sonic textural given the vocal is what give’s Elastic Sleep such an exciting and deeply evocative sound.

Delivering on all the promise seen in the group’s previous releases ‘Anywhere’ and ‘You Only Live Twice’, Elastic Sleep’s latest single finds the band focusing their Dream-pop sound with a palpable sense of scope and depth, resulting in a simply stunning glimpse into the Cork based act’s forthcoming E.P.

With ‘Leave You’, Elastic Sleep have provided one of the most artistically, tonally and sonically stunning singles in recent memory.

It is for these reasons that ‘Leave You’ by Elastic Sleep is this weeks addition to “The Mixed-Tape”.

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