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Sleep Thieves – City of Hearts

Electro-pop trio Sleep Thieves have unveiled the brilliant new video for the group’s stunning single ‘City of Hearts’.

Directed by Spiceburger, the video’s synchronised rigid movement interspersed by moments of fluidity captures the percussive yet harmonically textured nature of Sleep Thieves music while the slowly building and progressing visuals interplay with the rhythmical meter of ‘City of Hearts’.

With its surreal concept and beautifully shot imagery the video’s simplicity highlights the directors strong sense of tone and feel as the imagery focuses on juxtaposition found within the band and the audiences movements which appear almost animatronic, while the subtle more natural flourishes mirror the melodic expansion found with the recording.

The director’s ability to capture the atmospheric isolation and emotive core of ‘City of Hearts’ through the use of subtle imagery and well choreographed visual shows a deep understanding of the source material and Sleep Thieves as a band, as both audio and visual elements blend together to provide a piece in and off itself.

Watch the brilliant new music video from Sleep Thieves for ‘City of Hearts’ directed by Spiceburger by clicking above. The single itself is available to download now, while it’s parent album You Want the Night is due for release this year.

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