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The Niall McCabe Band – Part of the Light

Part of the Light album

The Niall McCabe band have released their latest music video for ‘Part of the Light’ taken from the group’s current album of the same of the name.

Shot while the neo-soul act toured France recently, the video follows the Niall McCabe band’s life on the road inter cut with live shots of the group performing their new single.

Taking a hand held documentary styled approach the music video captures the process behind touring from the beautiful cityscapes of the numerous French cities visited by the band to the more practical aspects of travel to each venue.

‘Part of the Light’ is the Niall McCabe band’s latest single and titled track from the group’s new album which is out now. Read’s review of the LP here.

Click above to watch the new video from ‘Part of the Light’ by the Niall McCabe.

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