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The Hot Sprockets – Homeslice

Dublin-based alternative-rock outfit the Hot Sprockets have released their stunning new video for ‘Homeslice’.

Directed by Hugh O’Conor (who recently directed the new I Draw Slow video), the beautifully crafted visuals for ‘Homeslice’ play perfectly with the building textural ambience of the Hot Sprockets recording through the use of some simply gorgeous application of light and shade.

Featuring moments of truly stunning imagery and shot composition, O’Conor’s eye for detail subtly fills each visual while never overbearing the frame. Whether it be by casting strong silhouetted shadows illuminated by engaging projections or vibrant set design, the mise en scène of the director’s focus moves hazily across each scene resting momentarily on each locale.

Building up the enclosed visual scope of the video until the finale, Hugh O’Conor provides a palpable twist in the tail by introducing an absolutely stunning outdoor set to open the video’s focus and give a real sense of space to the piece, mirroring the large-scale production and multi-textural aesthetic of the Hot Sprockets music.

With a superb sense of production value and artistry, director Hugh O’Conor and his crew create the perfect landscape for the Hot Sprockets music to occupy. Ambient, organic and in certain moments heartbreakingly beautiful.

Watch the Hot Sprockets amazing new video for ‘Homeslice’ directed by Hugh O’Conor by clicking above.

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