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Tupelo – Push On

Push On

Push On

Alternative-folk act Tupelo capture a deep sense of tone and feel with their sophomore studio album Push On.

Opening with the closely performed solitary vocal of ‘Old Country’, Tupelo unveil the full pounding scope of Push On with an anticipatory pause followed by a sudden thunderous crash of instrumentation. The brooding rattle and hum of the album is set from this point forward as the band expand the record sonically.

Moving and blending a vibrant spectrum of folk tinged genres, Tupelo’s core musical characteristics keep Push On feeling cohesive stylistically. The booming bass of tracks such as ‘Patagonia’ and the wistful ballad ‘Hollow of the Hill’ have an expressionistic aspect to them and find the band subtly stepping back to leave the lyrics room to roam.

With the organic aesthetic of Tupelo’s second album the inclusive tone of Push On gives the listener a feel for the musicianship involved as the group turn each song with a twist of melody or tempo, most effectively heard in the more traditional ‘When The Cockerel Crows’.

With its strong use of dynamic anticipation and interweaving melody, Tupelo fill each corner of the spectrum to give Push On a rich sonic thread that runs throughout the album. And while more risks could have been taken in terms of sound and style, Tupelo’s album never hesitates long enough for this to be an issue when listening to the L.P as a whole.

Powerful, dramatic in its frantic interpretation of the folk genre Push On provides an engaging tapestry of music that resonates long after listening.

Rating: 7/10

Push On by Tupelo is due out on February 21st.

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