The Mixed-Tape | The Mighty Stef – Nightwatchman of the Iveagh Flats

The Mighty Stef

To celebrate the official launch of, The Mighty Stef’s new single “Nightwatchman of the Iveagh Flats” has been chosen for the inaugural edition of our weekly feature “The Mixed-Tape”.

Taken from the indie-rock outfit’s recent E.P Iveagh Flats, the band’s latest single the glistening acoustic opening, interspersed with sudden jolts of rattling distortion, builds perfectly to the rumbling open spectrum of the Mighty Stef’s howling sound.

The dynamic scope of ‘Nightwatchman of the Iveagh Flats’, moves tidally as great waves of sound crash and then recede softly throughout the recording, creating a frantic sonic tone to indie-rock elements that form the core of the Mighty Stef’s music as both the pounding rhythm section and guitars blend into one cohesive body.

Above this driving backdrop is Stefan Murphy’s distinct, slow-burning vocal. Delivered with a palpable snarl, the vocalist performance moves with the dark mood and tone of the song convey the emotive edge of the Mighty Stef latest single.

Capturing the sheer vastness of the Mighty Stef new sound and approach, found in their new E.P, ‘Nightwatchman of the Iveagh Flats’  is an exciting indication of the group’s future work and once again establishes the band all-encompassing studio sound as the perfect companion to their energetic live shows.

It’s is for these reasons that ‘Nightwatchman of the Iveagh Flats’ is the first inductee to “The Mixed-Tape”.

‘Nightwatchman of the Iveagh Flats’ by the Mighty Stef is out. Watch the single’s brilliant video directed by Lindsey Byrne below.

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