7 Songs From The Week In Music

The Last Mixed Tape’s weekly New Irish Music Spotify playlist featuring NewDad, Melina Malone, Toria & more

Photo credit: Zyanya Lorenzo

NewDad – Angel

The first shot across the bow from NewDad’s forthcoming debut Madra, ‘Angel’ moves to an all-encompassing alt-rock sound as guitars build, beats pound and vocals hypnotize. 

Photo credit: Ana Lucia Mondoloni

Melina Malone – Naive

The stylistically striking sound of Melina Malone’s ‘Naive’ plays itself across a deep-seated bedrock of lush beats and slick production beneath a powerhouse performance from Malone.

Photo credit: Mia Rodgers

Megan Nic Ruairí – The Woods

Megan Nic Ruairí’s darkly lit offering ‘The Woods’ is a tracked tempered by atmosphere and reverberations. Pulled into focus by Nic Ruairí’s commanding vocal acrobatics, the song unfurls in a slow-burn of building textures. 

Photo credit: Niamh Barry

Toria – Touch Me

The bewitching air of Toria’s ‘Touch Me’ has an instantly captivating effect, as the music sways to a slow-burn atmosphere and a truly inspiring vocal performance that captures the imagination. 

John Francis Flynn – Mole In The Ground

The entangled milieu of ‘Mole In The Ground’ (taken from his Look Over The Wall See The Sky) finds John Francis Flynn weaving a track of deep mood and tone, angular passages, and deadpan delivery. 

Chubby Cat – Kissing In The Valley-O

A myriad of sounds cut and clipped out of the speakers throughout Chubby Cat’s sonic collage pop track ‘Kissing in the Valley-O’ as the artist expresses the frustrations and fears of a generation. 

Photo credit: Aaron Cunningham

Brand New Friend – Grandstand

The title-track from Brand New Friend’s new album, ‘Grandstand’ finds the group delivering an expansive and texturally deep sound that fills out the sonic spectrum with lush harmony, melody, and rhythm. 

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