8 Songs From The Week In Music

The Last Mixed Tape’s weekly New Irish Music Spotify playlist featuring Bobbi Arlo, Cruel Sister, Reylta & more

Bobbi Arlo – Ode To Ü

The atmospherically tempered pop of Bobbi Arlo’s ‘Ode To U’ plays out across a spacious, texturally deep production that allows Arlo’s soulful vocals to take center stage as the track rises and falls dynamically. 

Cruel Sister – Lenny

The buzzing backdrop of ‘Lenny’ finds Cruel Sister traversing a jagged landscape of undulating sounds that work in tandem to create a palpable sense of mood and tone, brought to the fore by the contrasting textures of vocals, guitars, and beats. 

Niamh Bury – Who Am I To Tell Him?

The tumbling folk sound of Niamh Bury’s ‘Who Am I To Tell Him?’ finds its center in Bury’s powerfully commanding vocal performance and the expressionistic storytelling that blend into the music’s organic feel.

Coolgirl – High Altar

Coolgirl’s ‘High Altar’ is a darkly lit journey through a sprawling synthwave soundscape populated by rumbling backdrops, low pulsing beats and soaring textures that meld into one working atmosphere.  

Super Extra Bonus Party feat Emma Hanlon – Line Before The Line

‘Line Before The Line’ is an intricate weaving of rhythms and melodies from Super Extra Bonus Party, which melds a kaleidoscopic array of genre flourishes as well as Silverback’s Emma Hanlon’s hazy vocals into one movable sound. 

1000 Beasts feat. Tomike – Cherry Delight

1000 Beasts provides a glimpse into his upcoming sophomore release with lush feel of ‘Cherry Delight’, featuring a stylistically soulful performance from Tomike, the track has a defined sense mood and tone.

Relyta – Holy

‘Holy’ finds rising songwriter Reylta crafting a music rich in meaning and performance, from the lyrics to the delivery the song casts a powerful sound throughout. 

Katie Phelan – Board Games

A sublime slice of indie folk songwriting from Katie Phelan, the soft-focus edges of ‘Board Games’ coupled with Phelan’s hushed vocals create an instantly inviting offering. 

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