Q&A | The War & Treaty

The War & Treaty talk to TLMT ahead of their Workman’s Club show next week.

What’s the last song you listened to?

Fantasy by Earth Wind & Fire   

What album of artist has been on repeat?

Earth, Wind & Fire   

What is inspiring your music right now?

Faith, Love and Hope for humanity.   

Tell us about your recent album Lovers Game. How was it written and recorded? 

It was written throughout our journey. Michael wrote most of the record and Tanya co-wrote one song. It was produced in Savannah, GA by David Cobb.   

Is there a particular song from the album. that you are looking forward to people hearing? 


What does the future hold in terms of gigs and new releases?

We your over 100 dates a year. We are working on our new record and have a movie about our lives in the works.

The War & Treaty will play the Workman’s Club, Dublin on August 29th. For ticket information visit Events | The Workmans Club

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