8 Songs From The Week In Music

The Last Mixed Tape’s weekly New Irish Music Spotify playlist featuring Soda Blonde, Havvk, Kojaque & more

Photo credit: Tim Shearwood

Havvk – Expiry

The buzzing backdrop of Havvk’s ‘Expiry’ moves towards a pulsating dynamic foreground, as the band imbue a sense of immedicay into the alt-rock bang and clatter of the music. 

Soda Blonde – Midnight Show

The lush widescreen sonics of Soda Blonde’s ‘Midnight Show’, their latest offering from sophomore album Dream Big, run across a shimmering spectrum of alt-pop, disco, and electronic elements.

Kojaque – Cabra Drive

‘Cabra Drive’ finds Kojaque melding themes of introspective and cultural storytelling into a slick beat, resulting in a track the mirrors the mood both sonically, lyrically, and performatively. 

Boyfrens – Soft & Mindfulness

Set against an ever-evolving beat, Boyfrens quick snap new single ‘Soft and Mindless’ contrasts serene vocal delivery with a production that moves and shifts at a palpable pace. 

Lucy Blue – Love Hate

The sharp-edged sound of Lucy Blue’s ‘Love Hate’ finds power in contrasting textures, as the artist weaves an emotionally driven vocal performance into both the songwriting and stylistic production. 

Pursued By Dogs – Silent Hand

The atmospherically charged ballad ‘Silent Hand’ finds its power in large-scale sonic world building, as Pursued By Dog adds a sense of drama to the reverb-soaked music.

Photo credit: Ellius Grace

Zaska feat. Tolü Makay – Nothing But You (Live)

Taken from Zaska’s forthcoming live album, ‘Nothing But You’ featuring Tolü Makay has stylistically sweet feel to it as the musicians meld an array of slick harmonies, beats and melodies in one smooth sound.

Lydia Ford – Leave The Country

Lydia Ford delves into a shimmering indie-pop sound with ‘Leave The Country’. Centered around Ford’s own expressionistic and raw songwriting, the track blends the introspection into the lush pop sound.

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