7 Songs From The Week In Music

The Last Mixed Tape’s weekly New Irish Music Spotify playlist featuring Virgins, Orla Gartland, Modernlove & more

Photo credit: Niamh Barry

The Fae – 2004

The dreamy layers of the Fae’s ‘2004’ plays itself across a captivating array of hazy melodies, jangled guitars and punctuated beats, creating a shimmering soundscape that takes a sudden and attention grabbing dynamic right turn.

Orla Gartland – Kiss Ur Face Forever

Orla Gartland bone shaking return ‘Kiss Ur Face Forever’ finds the acclaimed artist twisting and turning an array of indie flourishes within a song that moves from ear catching moment to ear catching moment.

Virgins – S l o w l y, l o n g

Virgins all encompassing dream-pop sound finds its centre in the reverberations of ‘S l o w l y, l o n g’. A big swing from he fences from the band, the track meets the ambition by tempering the sound into a defined point. 

Modernlove – Shades of Blue

Moving from lush verses to big dynamic choruses, ‘Shades of Blue’ marks a sonic leap forward from Modernlove that identifies the group’s ability to meet their ambitions.

Smythy – Figure It Out

A slick and serene offering from Smythy, ‘Figure It Out’ plays out across an fizzing array of melodic and harmonic passages that hold the listeners attention from start to finish.

Photo credit: Celeste Burden

Bantum & Jack O’Rourke – Take Cover

Bantum casts Jack O’Rourke crooning timbre across the stomping electro-pop track ‘Take Cover’, melding shades of disco into the heart of the track, there is a rich musicality within.

Photo credit: Dylan Scully

Jet Fuel Chemistry – Heartbreaker

A rumbling, bone shaking offering from Jet Fuel Chemistry, ‘Heartbreaker’ has an undeniable sense of scale to it, brought to the fore by the precision metalcore sound and production.

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