11 Songs From The Week In Music

The Last Mixed Tape’s weekly New Irish Music Spotify playlist featuring Kojaque, Coolgirl, Maija Sofia, Jape & more

Kojaque ft. Gotts Street Park – Bambi

Kojaque makes his comeback with the stylistic heft of ‘Bambi’. Marking a sonic leap forward, the beat and production of ‘Bambi’ wrap themselves around Kojaque’s ever expressionistic wordplay and slick delivery. 

Coolgirl – Silverlight

A sprawling piece of cinematic synthwave from Coolgirl, ‘Silverlight’ emanates a sense of scale sonically that reaches far-off into the driving electronic soundscapes it creates.

Maija Sofia – Telling The Bees

‘Telling The Bees’ finds Maija Sofia weaving layers of musical flourishes that range from the baroque to the gothic to the folk tinged. All of which rests behind Sofia’s ever haunting vocal delivery and wordplay.

Sweetlemondae – Turn The World

Vibrant in its beat and feel, ‘Turn The World’ pulses behind Sweetlemondae’s commanding central performance, as the vivid sound plays into the song’s tribute to the Irish Women’s National Football Team’s World Cup adventure. 

Just Wondering – Long Sunny Weekend

Just Wondering’s ‘Long Sunny Weekend’ plays out an ever-evolving beat that melds the trio’s music into a myriad of stylistic sounds, making for a truly individualistic music.

Jape – Heal These Wounds

Our first glimpse into Jape’s sixth studio album Endless Thread, ‘Heal These Wounds’ finds the artists creating his singular sound worlds around a wide array of electronic pops and clicks, lush harmonies, and playful musical parts. 

Photo Credit: Molly McKay

Reylta – Sightseeing

Set within an atmospherically mood and performance, the introspective songwriting of Reylta entangles itself around a subtle folk sound and heart-wrenching writing. 

Rónán Ó Snodaigh & Myles O’Reilly – King Of The Kingdom

The tangled trad of Rónán Ó Snodaigh & Myles O’Reilly’s ‘King of the Kingdom’ crafts a warm, inviting music that rumbles and shakes at the foundations and drifts in the foreground.

Photo credit: Caroline O’Callaghan

Rowdy Insider – Causing My Insanity

Explosive indie-rock from Rowdy Outsider, ‘Causing My Insanity’ bustles with a swing for the fences ambitious feel as the band deliver a pinpoint rock sound that runs across the sonic spectrum.  

Photo credit: Caroline O’Callaghan

Kt – Fickle Friend

Silky smooth pop from rising artist Kt, ‘Fickle Friend’ has a stylistically strong backdrop that plays perfect support to an instantly captivating vocal, resulting in a track that leaves a lasting impression.

Pursued By Dogs – Flowers

Pursued by Dogs make their return with the reverb soaked ‘Flowers’. Deep in tone and mood, the song resonates atop an ambitious indietronic production and deep-bodied sound.

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