8 Songs From The Week In Music

The Last Mixed Tape’s weekly New Irish Music Spotify playlist featuring CMAT, Krea, Melina Malone & more

Krea – The Callows

The title track from Krea’s beautifully crafted E.P. The Callows, the deft tip-toed harmonies of ‘The Callows’ capture the imagination instantly, serving as the perfect opening to the rest of the record.

Soda Blonde – Bad Machine

Soda Blonde make their return with the buzzsaw backdrop of ‘Bad Machine’. Taken from the group’s upcoming Dream Big, the songs moves from angular textures to open melodic passages in the blink of an eye.

CMAT feat. John Grant – Where Are Your Kids Tonight?

Sublime in its shape and scale, CMAT’s ‘Where Are Your Kids Tonight?’ enlists John Grant to create an atmospherically charged duet that brings CMAT’s music into a larger scope as the artist swings for the fences. 

Melina Malone – Tru Luv

A silky-smooth offering from Melina Malone, ‘Tru Luv’ has both lush musicality and heft in its performance. Matching ambitious neo-soul inspirations, the track rumbles behind Malone’s vocal acrobatics.

Alan McKee feat. Celaviedmai – Not Mine

‘Not Mine’ finds Alan McKee and Celaviedmai delving into a lush production that resonates around some truly striking vocal passages. A track that moves and melds its shape across a myriad of sonic twists and turns, ‘Not Mine’ grabs the attention. 

I Have A Tribe – Fly Like A Bird

The intimate, hushed atmosphere of I Have A Tribe’s ‘Fly Like A Bird’ follows an expressionistic performance that weaves itself around the handcrafted songwriting and warm musicality on offer.

Joel Harkin – Letters From Alan To George

Joel Harkin’s ‘Letters From Alan to George’, co-written with Ciaran Lavery, the escapist themes, isolation and distance that emanates from the music and the lyrics has a heart wrenching honesty that makes its way into both the production and the performance.

Sarah Buckley – Always Trouble

The tense alt-folk tone of ‘Always Trouble’ finds Sarah Buckley delivering a pointed performance at the heart a widescreen sound that jangles with sharp edges and deep-bodied production.

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