8 Songs From The Week In Music

The Last Mixed Tape’s weekly New Irish Music Spotify playlist featuring Caoi de Barra, Grian Chatten, Galia Arad & more

Photo Credit: Polocho

Grian Chatten – Chaos For The Fly

The music of Chaos For The Fly is cast across the canvas with total freedom. In nine songs Grian Chatten puts his creative inspirations into a thresher and reassembles them through his own prism. An album of constantly shifting colours yet cohesive tones, Chatten’s first solo offering is as unique as its creator – TLMT Review

Photo Credit: Katie Freeney

Caoi de Barra – Treehouse

Caoi de Barra returns with the weaving reverberated moods and tones of ‘Treehouse’. Centering itself around de Barra’s beautifully portrayed vocal acrobatics, the song has enchanting sense of place and pace. 

Seba Safe – Rainy

Seba Safe’s Rainy E.P. makes for a scene setting offering from the artist. Cast across a glistening production, songs like the serene title track, propulsive indie of ‘On My Way’ and widescreen ‘Afterlife’ highlight Seba Safe’s sense of style and sound.

Rachael Lavelle – Let Me Unlock Your Full Potential

Rachael Lavelle’s haunting new single ‘Let Me Unlock Your Full Potential’ is a treasure trove of sounds and textures, as the songwriter builds a world of slow-burn rise and fall passages punctuated by experimental shapes and twists.

Galia Arad – Does She Know

The tense feel and tone of Galia Arad’s ‘Does She Know’ rests itself upon a bedrock of moving rhythms, spacious production and Arad’s commanding vocal performance. Resulting in atmosphere setting offering that is truly compelling. 

Photo credit: Ciara O’Toole

The Burma – The Hard Ground

Rich melodic indie from the Burma, ‘The Hard Ground’ has an array of stylistic hooks and passages that draw you into the indie gem aesthetic of the music.

Photo credit: Megan Doherty

ØXN – Love Henry

The first offering from ØXN, comprised of Radie Peat, John ‘Spud’ Murphy, Katie Kim and Eleanor Myler, murder-ballad ‘Love Henry’ twists and contorts itself around an entangled backdrop of buzzing folk and haunting vocals that builds into an ominous, brooding crescendo.

Mik Pyro feat. MayKay – Nothing More To Do With The Man

Marking a sonic sea change from Mik Pyro, ‘Nothing More To Do With The Man’ (takne from his forthcoming Exit Pyro album) finds Pyro and MayKay joining forces on a track that plays across of myriad of genre flourishes. From a gritty blues/root backbone to both artists distinct vocals, the song transforms these elements into exciting new territory.  

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