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MARCH 2023

The Last Mixed Tape’s Monthly New Music Playlist.

New Music


March 2023 is in the books and out of sight. The Last Mixed Tape looks back on the best latest music coming out of Ireland these past four weeks, compiling a Spotify playlist of definitive tracks.

Two albums received the Last Mixed Tape review treatment in Marcg. Lankum’s False Lankum proved to be the group’s most powerful and sure-footed work to date, marking the trad outfit as masters of their craft. While the Ailbhe Reddy’s striking Endless Affair founds the songwriter melding raw lyricism with a forward moving sound that mirrors the record’s central themes.


The return of AE Mak, Aoife Nessa Frances, and Pastiche reintroduced new textures and sides to their music. Rising artists like Saige, Fya Fox, Saige, Lucy McWilliams, Ailsha, Amy Michelle, and more all highlight the diversity in style and sound that bustles at the heart of Irish music.

And so it goes, March delivered a month filled with rising, promising, and established acts delivering music that meets the hype. Music coming out of Ireland is at its most exciting.

Check out TLMT’s full Irish Mixed-Tape Spotify playlist for all the tracks featured on the site this month.

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