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Another month of 2023 is in the books and out of sight. The Last Mixed Tape looks back on the best latest music coming out of Ireland these past four weeks, compiling a Spotify playlist of definitive tracks from February 2023.

Two albums received the Last Mixed Tape review treatment in February, both of which turned out to be stand-outs. Lisa O’Neill’s All Of This Is Chance found the songwriting weaving their storytelling prowess around some truly striking performances and atmospheric trad sounds. While on the other end of the sonic spectrum, New Pagans took the-bull-by-the-horns with their uncompromising Making Circles Of Our Own.

Photo credit: Peter McCormick

New songs from Lankum, Whenyoung and I Have A Tribe provide glimpses into upcoming albums due for release soon. While Roisin El Cherif, Actrese, Erica-Cody, Lemonade Shoelace, T.A. Narrative, Chalk, Banríon, M(h)aol, and more release tracks that will surely feature in many listeners playlists over the next year.

And so it goes, February 2023 finds Irish music continuing into the year with a wide array of genres, styles and tones being delivered by a multitude of exciting artists. With Spring now on the horizon, one can only wait for what March will bring.

Check out TLMT’s full Irish Mixed-Tape Spotify playlist for all the tracks featured on the site this month.

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