TLMT Readers Artist of the Year 2022 – Voting & Nominees

Photo Credit: Polocho

Nominees and Voting

This year The Last Mixed Tape Readers are invited to have their say by picking out the TLMT 2022 Artist of the Year from a list of nominees who have made an impact on the Irish music scene in 2022, either live or on record.
A new format the annual end-of-year voting format, The Last Mixed Tape wants to broaden the criteria from previous Album of the Year lists and find out who our readers think took 2022 by storm.
Voting can be done by picking no more than 10 artists from the poll below.


2 thoughts on “TLMT Readers Artist of the Year 2022 – Voting & Nominees

  1. Ara go on! Ssshhhtop!

  2. Saige is an excellent addition to the Irish music scene .

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