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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Anna Mieke, Dark Tropics, Rooue, Carlsbad & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Rooue – Better Off

Rooue return with the stylish new single ‘Better Off’. Alive with vivid sounds and multi-layered harmonies, the track is lush pop offering from the rising duo.

Photo credit: Ross Andrew Stewart

Carlsbad – Future Yeehaw

Future Yeehaw is a deftly poised alt-country glimpse into the wider world of Carlsbad. Featuring the dreamlike ‘Lemon Pie’, lowlight noir-country of ‘Still Life’, the buzzsaw backdrop of ‘Sedating’ and the fragile beauty of ‘Cowboy Cure’, the E.P. is as compelling as it is atmospherically charged. 

Joshua Burnside – Late Afternoon In The Meadow (1887)

Precisely tempered, the contorting trad of Joshua Burnside’s Late Afternoon In The Meadow (1887) takes shape beneath the sprawling sound of ‘Woven’ through the jangled ‘Louis Mercier’ and finally the handcrafted ‘Where White Lillies Bloom’.

Anna Mieke – Theatre

Theatre dances with grand, expressive musical gestures. Anna Mieke’s second album never breaks its focus, creating an over-arching sense of shape that flows throughout. Theatre entrances with every lyric, note and beat. Read TLMT’s full album review – here.

Leila Jane – Dance With Me

‘Dance With Me’ marks a stylistically compelling step from Leila Jane as the indie inflections of the track meld with the artist’s folk inspirations to create something that moves things forward.

Photo credit: Josh Trigg

Meave – Can We Just Get High?

Meave’s ‘Can We Just Get High?’ captures the imagination from the get-go. Pulled forward by the artists commanding vocal, set against a minimalist-pop aesthetic, the track demands attention.

Dark Tropics – Midnight 10th of December

Dark Tropics’ neon-noir edges metamorphose into grand-scale alt-pop on ‘Midnight 10th of December’ with a dynamically reaching offering that opens the scope and scale of their music to a great degree.

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