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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Ailbhe Reddy, Thumper, Vernon Jane, David Keenan, New Pagans & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Photo credit: Naomi Wilde

Rebekah Fitch – Ready Now

Set against a spacious alt-pop sound, Rebekah Fitch’s ‘Ready Now’ rolls and tumbles with an expansive array of beats and well-woven vocal layers.

New Pagans – Karin Was Not A Rebel / Fresh Young Overlook

New Pagans make their return with the double single ‘Karin Was Not A Rebel / Fresh Young Overlook’ (from their upcoming Making Circles of Our Own album), taking contrasting paths down the band’s jagged post-punk sound the tracks rest of a knife edge if tension.

Photo credit: Roisin Murphy O’Sullivan

Thumper – Summer Assault

Thumper shift course on the short-sharp-shock of ‘Summer Assault’. A fuzz-laden offering, the track moves with intense purpose.

Photo credit: Niamh Barry

Ailbhe Reddy – Shitshow

Taken from Ailbhe Reddy’s forthcoming Endless Affair album, the slow-burn indie-pop of ‘Shitshow’ finds the artist melding their introspective lyricism with a full-scale indie sound.

Vernon Jane – Wifey E.P.

Vernon Jane with sonic sea-change of Wifey E.P, traversing the melodically rich title-track, intricate parts of ‘Origami’, riff-laden ‘Fall 4 Me’ and large-scale alt-rock of ‘Baby, I’m Only With You 4 Your Weed’.

Katie Phelan – guessed it was about me

The dreamlike air of ‘guessed it was about me’ portrays Katie Phelan as a songwriter with the ability to paint pictures sonically and lyrically.

David Keenan – Crude

And so it goes, the story of Crude is in the telling. David Keenan is a powerful storyteller, whether it be in the stylism of his previous work What Then? or close quarters feel of Crude, Keenan commands the room. Alive with performance and wordplay, Crude returns to the roots of everything that has come before. Read TLMT’s full review – here.

Roisin El Cherif – Without You

Set to a widescreen scope of sounds and textures, Roisin El Cherif’s ‘Without You’ is a song that changes melodic, rhythmic and sonic shape from start to finish.

Bríd Lyons – Mother

A rolling and tumbling track set to an organic trad backdrop, Bríd Lyon’s ‘Mother’ has a sense of place and time about it, filled out by Lyon’s commanding vocal performance.

Cursed Murphy vs The Resistance – Republic of the Weird

A sprawling affair filled with darkened corners and jagged edges and words, Cursed Murphy & The Resistance’s Republic of the Weird is a record that creates a world in and off itself, one where meaning and abstraction are the same.

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