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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Jackie Beverly, Aoife Nessa Frances, Narolane, Cruel Sister & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Jackie Beverly – Vico Road

Closing out Jackie Beverly’s stunning debut E.P. Temporary State, ‘Vico Road’ plays across a serene beat, rising textures and an enchanting hushed vocal.

Aoife Nessa Frances – This Still Life

Tempered in hypnotic texture, the hazy air and mood of ‘This Still Life’ gives us a further glimpse into the world of Aoife Nessa Frances’ forthcoming Protector.

Katie Kim – Eraser

One of many high-water marks in Katie Kim’s Hour Of The Ox, the jolting, uneasy rhythm of ‘Eraser’ portrays the foreboding thread and weight of the album itself.

Narolane – Rent Free

Narolane return with the short sharp shock of ‘Rent Free’ as Denise Chaila, MuRli & God Knows meld into one as each artist adds their own voice to the over-arching music.

Cruel Sister – Sister Sister

Taken from Cruel Sister’s Girl My Age E.P. the frantic buzz saw fuzz and rattle of ‘Sister Sister’ finds the artist delivering a primal scream in the form of a two minute riot grrrl punk track.

Kaya T – Flight Mode

Brought to the fore with lush production and soulful multi-layered vocals, the vibrant beat of Kaya T’s ‘Flight Mode’ makes for striking listen.

Aoibha – I Know You Well

An intricate and deeply layered debut release from Aoibha, the woven harmonies and softly convey vocals of ‘I Know You Well’ make for a captivating listen.

Carlsbad – Still Life

‘Still Life’ is the debut single from Carlsbad, a darkly lit slice of alt-country, the tangled musicality and command vocal make for a striking first impression.

Junior Brother – Good Friday

Found at the heart of Junior Brother’s sophomore offering The Great Irish Famine, ‘Good Friday’ paints a portrait of the artist with expressionistic lyricism and performance.

Rews – Pretty Face

The buzzing pulse of ‘Pretty Face’ makes for an all-encompassing, swing for the fences rock offering from Rews.

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