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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by New Pagans, Whenyoung, Celaviedmai & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

New Pagans – Better People

New Pagans return with the jagged edges of ‘Better People’, a swirling piece of post-punk that finds the band melding the dynamic drive and clarity of their music into one.

Whenyoung – A Little Piece Of Heaven

‘A Little Piece Of Heaven’ marks the return of Whenyoung with a sonic shift where the duo add a deep layer of lush synth texture to their sound, widening the scope of their music.

Mount Palomar feat. Joshua Burnside – Simmer

A far-reaching, atmospheric offering from Mount Palomar featuring Joshua Burnside, ‘Simmer’ is a multi-layered piece built from intricacy.

Virgins – Signalling

Depthful shoegaze from Virgins, ‘Signalling’ is a song awash with melting guitars, punctuating drums and captivating vocals.

Clodagh May – Easier

Angular, fuzz-ridden indie from Clodagh May, ‘Easier’ is a track with a palpable grit and growl to it.

Sinead White – Insert Coin

Set against a backdrop of 8-bit retro video game sounds, Sinead White takes a shape sonic turn with vibrant electronic feel of new single ‘Insert Coin’.

Celaviedmai – Go Down Low

Celaviedmai’s ‘Go Down Low’ is a song in constant motion, pushed forward by an intricate beat and vocal performance, the track is alive with rhythm, sound and melody.

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