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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by The Mary Wallopers, Saige, Uly, Lowli & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

The Mary Wallopers – Frost Is All Over

Taken from The Mary Wallopers forthcoming debut album, ‘Frost Is All Over’ is bouncing entanglements of musicality and vibrant trad energy.

Uly – Fishing

The lo-fi laid back mood of Uly’s ‘fishing’ makes for a texturally serene blend of alt-pop, neo soul and jazz flourishes.

Lõwli – Otherworld

The centrepiece and title-track from Lõwli’s Otherworld E.P, ‘Otherworld’ weaves its deep dark-folk spell with a haunting air and captivating performance.

Saige – Sparks

‘Sparks’ finds Saige expanding the scale and scope of her alt-pop sound with a track that melds layers of driving electro sounds with the artists commanding vocals.

Lucy McWilliams – Break My Own Heart

Tempered with alt-pop scope and scale, Lucy McWilliams’ softly conveyed vocal drives the core of her stellar new offering ‘Break My Own Heart’.

Alice Kiernan – Golden

A vivid array of pop sounds form the centre of Alice Kiernan’s ‘Golden’ surround by depthful vocal layering that adds a sonic twist to the music.

Partland – Don’t Shoot Me Those Baby Blues

An intimate folk-pop offering from Partland, ‘Don’t Shoot Me Those Baby Blues’ has a handmade feel that plays into the song’s charm.

Elaine Howley – Silent Talk

Opening Elaine Howley’s stellar The Distance Between Heart and Mouth, ‘Silent Talk’ is awash with textural scope, the backdrop plays into Howley’s beguiling vocals that seems to melt and meld with the ambience of the music itself.

Anna Mullarkey – Damsha Hall

Atmospherically weighty and texturally dense, the multi-layered dynamism of Anna Mullarkey’s ‘Damsha Hall’ can be found at the heart of the artist’s new album Falling.

Love Command 0 – Glass

Intricately layered and lined beats entangle within the electro-pop aesthetic of Love Command 0’s swing for the fences new single ‘Glass’.

Hallie – Y D E K

Ambitious pop-punk from Hallie, ‘Y D E K’ works on a widescreen sound brought to the fore by Hallie’s powerful vocal.

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