TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Grave Goods, Cruel Sister, Zapho, Carrie Baxter, Erica-Cody & more

Photo credit: Kate Lawlor

Cruel Sister – Chihiro

The reverb soaked depths of Cruel Sister’s ‘Chihiro’ find the fast rising artist melding dream-pop, shoegaze, and XX-esque layers into one truly captivating sound.

Grave Goods – Source

The feral, angular punk of ‘Source’ from Grave Goods rattles and jolts with an uncompromising kinetic tone that runs throughout.

Erica-Cody – Love Like This

‘Love Like This’ has a scope and scale to it that identifies a clear, giant leap forward from Erica-Cody as the performance, production and presentation all meld to meet the ambition.

Photo credit: Debbie Hickey

Carrie Baxter feat. Jafaris – Satellite

Carrie Baxter and Jafaris join forces in the stylistically lush offering ‘Satellite’, a track brought alive with slick performances and beats.

TV People – Circle

The darkly-lit post-punk of TV People’s ‘Circle’ interlocks the band’s angular sound within a sharp-edged milieu.

Photo credit: Kate Lawlor

Zapho – Big Song Blue

The epic Alt-pop balladeering of Zapho’s ‘Big Song Blue’ delivers a fully-realised stylisation that’s ambitious in it’s composition and presentation.

The Cope : Photo by Ruth Medjber @ruthlessimagery

The Cope – True Romance

The Cope’s debut offering ‘True Romance’ has a multi-textural density to it that moves from intricate, vivid production to rising electro-pop beats in the blink of an eye.

Adam Mohamed – Stuck In Traffic

The hazsingle y, laid-back feel of Adam Mahomed’s ‘Stuck In Traffic’ has a hypnotic feel to it as the single moves from hook to beat with ease.

Carron – Lights Up

Carron return with the far-reaching alt-pop sounds of ‘Lights Up’ as the duo swing for the fences with layered harmonies, full-scale production and pin-point pop songwriting.

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