TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Maija Sofia, April, Guud Grief, ROE, Lōwli, & more

April – 54321

Sonically lush, April’s stylised new single ’54321’ twists, turns and contorts within multilayered sound and melded harmony.

Photo credit: Zoe Greenway

Maija Sofia – O Theremin

Maija Sofia returns with the entangled gothic world of ’O Theremin’, a song that rests atop an uneasy bedrock, abstract flourishes, and dreamlike lyricism.

Guud Grief – Lay In The River

Built upon a foundation of trad inflections, Guud Grief’s brooding debut ’Lay In The River’ takes shape via ominous wordplay and strong musicality.

Roe – Cold Feet

Roe’s ’Cold Feet’ is a beautifully tempered ballad that follows an emotional thread via dynamism and performance.

Lōwli – Otherworld

Captivating in its composition and performance, Lōwli’s haunting new single ’Otherworld’ is a truly striking offering.

Photo credit: Paula Trojner

Kynsy – Love Of Your Life

Resting on a knife-edged, the growled backdrop and snarled performance of Kynsy’s ’Love Of Your Life’ captures the imagination both lyrically and sonically.

Photo credit: Steve Rogers

Brídín – Hideaway

An enchanting tapestry of intricately woven music, Brídín’s ’Hideaway’ creates a sound in and of itself.

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