TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Aoife Nessa Frances, The Murder Capital, Meltybrains?, Junior Brother & more

The Murder Capital -Only Good Things

The undulating rhythm and tonal brooding sound of ‘Only Good Things’ marks the much-anticipated return of the Murder Capital with a sprawling, driving new offering.

Photo credit: Ellius Grace

Aoife Nessa Frances – Way To Say Goodbye

Beautifully layered and tempered, the soft haze indie of ‘Way To Say Goodbye’ makes for an instantly captivating release from Aoife Nessa Frances.

Meltybrains? – Journey To/From The Meltyworld

‘Journey To/From The Meltyworld’ finds Meltybrians? traversing a long-form sprawling music that twists and turns texturally.

Junior Brother – No Snitch

Junior Brother’s ‘No Snitch’ contorts and weaves a multi-layered trad tapestry though the artist’s characteristically striking voicings.

Local Boy – Milkshake Pilltaste

A lush stylistic thread runs right through Local Boy’s ‘Milkshake Pilltaste’ that is impossible to ignore and begs repeating.

Frankenstein Bolts – Your Father

‘Your Father’ contrasts serene vocals with a driving backdrop as Frankenstein Bolts play with the dream-pop and indie elements of their music.

Úna Keane – Lumen

An exploration of sounds and textures, the soundscapes of Úna Keane’s ‘Lumen’ as depthful and enchanting.

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