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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Farah Elle, Elaine Howley, Patrick Stefan & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Farah Elle – Desert

Farah Elle unveils the lingering lowlight sound of ‘Desert’, a deftly woven intro the artist’s forthcoming album Fatima.

Elaine Howley – Silent Talk

Abstracting and dreamlike in its make-up, the deep textural sound of Elaine Howley’s ‘Silent Talk’ is a haunting listen.

Patrick Stefan – Drinking Alone In The Moonlight

The gently flowing folk of Patrick Stefan’s ‘Drinking Alone In The Moonlight’, a song shimmering with serene soundscapes.

M(h)aol – Bored Of Men

Rumbling, angular and punctuated with fuzz-laden passages, M(h)aol’s ‘Bored Of Men’ has a defined sense of meaning and message.

Photo credit Harvey Pearson

Morning Midnight – Blurry

Intimate in its scene-setting indie-folk sound, ‘Blurry’ finds Morning Midnight delivering a beautifully set mood and tone throughout.

Catscars – Flower In My Hands

A texturally bewitching offering from Catscars ‘Flower In My Hands’ has an ominous, foreboding colour and shape that resides deep at the heart of the music.


The Butterfly Graveyard – Bethesda Row

The softly portrayed air of ‘Bethesda Row’ dances from verse to chorus as The Butterfly Graveyard pull the listener further into their world.

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