TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by April, Clara Tracey, Kynsy, Ailbhe Reddy & more

April – That Feeling

Serene alt-pop from April, ‘That Feeling’ weaves its spell through a lush array of sound and stacked harmonies.

Photo credit: Paula Trojner

Kynsy – Point Of You

Punctuated and entangled indie-pop from Kynsy, the individualistic stylisation of Kynsy’s sound adds another layer with ‘Point Of You’.

Photo Credit: Lucy Curran

Fya Fox – Busy

A giant leap forward from Fya Fox, ‘Busy’ is a powerful statement from the rising pop artist via a track alive with vivid harmony and hooks.

Ailbhe Reddy – A Mess

The fuzz-ridden angular indie-pop of Ailbhe Reddy’s ‘A Mess’ finds the songwriter melding her compelling wordplay within a indie edged milieu.

Columbia Mills – Nevada

‘Nevada’ takes shape with a myriad of multilayered sounds the surround Columbia Mills mood-driven indietronica.

Clara Tracey – Baby Witch

Clara Tracey’s ‘Baby Witch’ captures the imagination via a texturally deep musicality that runs beneath Tracey’s captivating vocal.

VJ Jaxson – Rosanna

Vivid in its construct, the melting pot of sound and words found on VJ Jaxson’s ’Rosanna’ makes for early summer banger.

Melts – Signal

The experimentation and exploration on show during ‘Signal’, exemplifies the greater themes of inner and outer turbulence found within Melts stellar debut Maelstrom.

Sinead O Brien – Girlkind

Taken from Sinead O’Brien’s brilliant Time Bend And Break The Bower, ‘Girlkind’ is where all points converge. The music growls, screeches and bites behind O’Brien’s snarled performance with an intensity that’s impossible to ignore

Robocobra Quartet – Night

The closing track from Robocobra Quartet’s brand new album Living Isn’t Easy, ‘Night’ is a tense, atmospheric blend of jazz overtones and spoken word storytelling.

Roe – New Behaviours

‘New Behaviours’ opens Part 1 of Roe’s That’s When The Panic Sets In, a turbulent, forward moving offering, the track flows and pushes around Roe’s raw songwriting core.

Cursed Murphy versus The Resistance – Hold That Line

A twisted, tumbling cavalcade of snarled words and jolted rhythms, ’Hold That Line’ is a tense track that keeps building the tension from start to finish.

Tomike – It’s Like (1000 Beasts Remix)

A vibrant, soulful blending of sounds from Tomike and 1000 Beasts, the remix of ’It’s Like’ creates layers of lush harmony and stylish production.

Clara Byrne – I’m Sorry

Centered around a powerful vocal performance, the deftly woven darkly-lit folk of Clara Byrne’s ‘I’m Sorry’ has a lasting effect.

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