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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Sorcha Richardson, EFÉ, Big Love, Travi the Native & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Photo Credit: Colin Brady

Sorcha Richardson – Archie

‘Archie’ gives us a glimpse into Sorcha Richardson’s sophomore album. Set against a shimmered indie haze, the track captures Richardson ear for storytelling.

Travi the Native – I shouldbedsleeping

Washed in texture, the sonically obscured backdrop of Travi the Native’s ’ishouldbesleeping’ is a powerful offering alive with invention.

EFÉ – Lime

Bursting vibrant beats, EFÉ’s ’Lime’ takes a myriad of sonic twists and turns resulting in a joyous pop sound.

Big Love – Sirens

There’s a tense thread that runs right through Big Love’s ’Sirens’ as the group weave it around a dynamic indie-folk sound.

Photo Credit: Olof Grind

Just Mustard – In Shade

Brooding with the heavy atmospheric thread that runs right through Just Mustard’s brilliant new album Heart Under, ‘In Shade’ finds a way to be cacophonous and clear at the same time. Everything is in its right place, as Just Mustard meld a myriad of sounds into one working whole, resonating with dynamism.

Jillelli- Stoic

Darkly toned electro-pop Jillelli offers a brooding tale on the genre with the mood-driven ’Stoic’.

My Tribe Your Tribe – 100%

Shuddering and twisting My Tribe Your Tribe’s ‘100%’ plays across a stylised beat that adds layer upon layer.

a boy in cords – Stupid Like That

Set to lush sound, ’Stupid Like That’ adds hooks within a slow-burn indie-pop milieu.

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