TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Soak, Talos, Pastiche, Modernlove & more

Photo Credit: Sam Hiscox

Soak – swear jar

From its stark setting, the slow-burn pulse of ‘swear jar’ finds Soak adding an added sense of texture to their new album If I Never Know You Like This Again.

Photo credit: Anna Mággy 

Talos – dance against the calm

Talos returns with the captivating depths of ‘dance against the calm’, a song that resonates with far-reaching soundscapes and soaring vocals.

Pastiche – Bad Loser

The opening track on Pastiche’s Freak Show Symphony E.P. the highly stylised pop of ‘Bad Loser’ comes with an added edge.

Modernlove – Islands

Modnerlove’s ‘Islands’ is a track drenched in atmospheric undertones that give way to great dynamic jumps of hooks that grab the attention.

James Vincent McMorrow – Hurricane

‘Hurricane’ finds James Vincent McMorrow melding a laid-back feel with lush harmonies within a floating harmonic tone.

Yard – Lawmaker

Delivered with a growl and a rumble, the bristling noise and force of ‘Lawmaker’ demands your attention.

Clodagh May – Say So

The debut single from Clodagh May, the punk-pop tinged alt-rock of ‘Say So’ has a swing for the fences feel that runs right through the songwriting and produciton.

Rews – Breathe Into Me

Jagged indie offering from Rews, ’Breathe Into Me’ moves dynamic with a bang and a clatter of precise indie-rock.

Throatsugar – Ascend

An intricately layered track, ‘Ascend’ finds Throatsugar melding a myriad of sounds into a powerful alt-pop milieu.

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