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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Katie Kim, Aoife Wolf, Pastiche, ROE & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Katie Kim – Mona

From the buzzing opening to the shuddering electronic foreground of ‘Mona’, Kaite Kim cuts a ominous sound from a collage of atmospheric textures.

Aoife Wolf – The Woman Who Shot Andy Warhol

Edged with angular guitar, the brooding core of Aoife Wolf’s darkly lit ‘The Woman Who Shot Andy Warhol’ is compelling in its abstraction.

Roe – A Temporary Thing

Roe’s ‘A Temporary Thing’ finds its centre in the emotionally raw songwriting that weaves itself around the atmospheric ballad sound.

Pastiche – Written & Directed

Pastiche continues a striking string of singles with the mood-driven highly-stylised pop of ‘Written & Directed’.

Photo credit: Karl Davis

Contour – Aos Sí

Texturally dense and tempered in far-reaching electronic sounds, ‘Aos Sí’ opens Contour’s Fíor nó FEAR with a scene setting feel.

Rowan – Does It Make You Happy? feat. Ariel Posen

Built from a rumbling beat that pounds throughout, Rowan’s ‘Does It Make You Happy?’ has a widescreen indie sound that makes it captivating.

Harry Fennell – Lack of Light

Wrapped in a atmospheric-folk soundscape, Harry Fennell’s ‘Lack of Light’ creates a world all of its own.

Rachel Mae Hannon – Work It Out

Tightly woven alt-pop from Rachel Mae Hannon, ‘Work It Out’ traverses neo-soul, pop and R&B melding them all beneath a powerful vocal from Hannon.

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