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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Ailbhe Reddy, Sive, Columbia Mills, Wallis Bird & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Wallis Bird – Go

Set to serene soundscape, the shimmering stylization of Wallis Bird’s ‘Go’ plays out across a intricately woven beat.

Photo Credit: Bridie Monds-Watson

Ailbhe Reddy – Inhaling

Ailbhe Reddy returns with the great textural contrast of ’Inhaling’, a song that shifts and jolts with a harmonic indie feel.

Maria Kelly feat. Ciaran Lavery – Martha

Taken from Maria Kelly’s Postcards In-between project, the re-imagining of ‘Martha’ featuring Ciaran Lavery weaves a delicate thread within the song.

Kyoto Love Hotel – If We Had A Mind (April)

Drenched in atmospheric pops and clicks, the ambient nature of Kyoto Love Hotel’s ’If I Had A Mind (April)’ is truly striking.

Columbia Mills – Addiction

‘Addiction’ finds Columbia Mills wrapping the icy characteristics of their indietronic sound in harmonically gentle backgrounds.

The Human Man – White Knuckle Holiday

Large-scale, big-chorus indie rock from The Human Man, ’White Knuckle Holiday’ has a swing for the fences feel alive with vivid hooks and melodies.

Sive – Annaghmakerig

Closing out Sive’s beautifully tempered album We Begin In Darkness, ‘Annaghmakerig’ wraps the listener in a world of sweeping strings, glistening piano, and soaring vocals.

Mob Wife – Cutting Teeth On Suburban Curbs

The fuzz and jangle of ’Cutting Teeth On Suburban Curbs’ opens Mob Wife’s brooding new record Eat With Your Ears with a clash of punk texture.

Robocobra Quartet – Wellness

Abstracting in its construct and delivery, the angular mood and tone of Robocobra Quartet’s ’Wellness’ moves to an uneasy undercurrent.

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