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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Jackie Beverly, Sinead O’Brien, Fontaines D.C, James Vincet McMorrow & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Photo Credit: Chloe le Drezen

Sinead O’Brien – There Are Good Times Coming

Angular words and shapes construct the jolted sound of Sinead O’Brien’s ‘There Are Good Times Coming’, a track that finds its power within quick twists and turns.

Photo Credit: Ciaran O’Brien

Jackie Beverly – Analog Radio

‘Analog Radio’ melds a hushed tone with a hazy milieu for Jackie Beverly’s emotionally raw songwriting to rest within.

Photo Credit: Wolf James

Roise Carney – break the ground

Reverberant in its construct, the gently set resonance of Rosie Carney’s ‘break the ground’ cuts to the quick with its deep sense of atmosphere and space.

James Vincent McMorrow – The Less I Knew

Texturally deep, the subtle spartan sound of James Vincent McMorrow’s ‘The Less I Knew’ allows the performance and songwriting the room to be heard.

Farah Elle – Play It By Ear

‘Play It By Ear’ finds Farah Elle weaving a deftly intricate myriad of rhythm, melody and meaning around her powerful vocal.

Photo Credit: Polocho

Fontaines D.C. – In ár gCroíthe go deo

Opening track ‘In ár gCroíthe go deo’ rests upon tense strumming and crashing rhythms. These contrasting textures meld within the over-arching atmospheric agitation of Fontaines D.C. brilliant new album Skinty Fia.

Slaney – Let Me Go Boy

Swing for the fences electro-pop from rising artist Slaney, ‘Let Me Go Boy’ works hooks and harmony into its expansive production.

Síomha – Infinite Space

The title-track from Síomha’s debut album Infinite Space, established the artist striking vocal power within a slick neo-soul backdrop.

AikJ – Phases

Set to a serene snapped beat, the layered slow-burn of AikJ’s latest new single ‘Phases’ creates an instant atmospheric air to the track’s hip-hop foundations.

Étáin – At Least One

With its softly set indie-folk sound, the delicate feel of Étáin’s ‘At Least One’ casts its spell via intimate songwriting and performance.

Rooue – Orbit

Ambitious, multi-layered pop from Rooue, ‘Orbit’ is a vivid offering alive with powerhouse vocals, stacked harmonies and stylistically slick beats.

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