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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Melts, Just Mustard, Vernon Jane, Sive & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Photo Credit: Olof Grind

Just Mustard – Mirrors

Isolated and scattered, the stark atmospherics of Just Mustard’s sharply reverberating ‘Mirrors’ gives us further insight to the soundscapes of Heart Under.

Driven Snow – Trying

‘Trying’ serves as an intimate, handcrafted debut offering from Driven Snow, resonating with strikingly honest songwriting and subtle musicality.

Sive – Dancing Alone

Shimmering with an edged indie-folk scope, ‘Dancing Alone’ weaves a spell of harmony, rhythm and texture via Sive’s captivating songwriting.

Gary O’Neill – Bordeaux

Textured by indie grit, the angular beat of ‘Bordeaux’ makes for layered tapestry for Gary O’Neill’s voice and songwriting to rest upon.

Vernon Jane – Origami

Vernon Jane return with the deeply intricate twists and turns of ‘Origami’, a track that moves seamlessly from dynamic passages to moments of musical repose.

Melts – Signal

The fuzz-ridden sprawl and drive of Melts spiraling new single ‘Signal’ makes for a pulsating journey through multi-textural post-punk.

Lukewarmdaily96 – Hit The Hay

The hushed tension of Lukewarmdaily96’s new single ‘Hit The Hay’ merges the dreamlike with the foreboding.

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