TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Soak, Paddy Hanna, Dirty Dreamer & more

Paddy Hanna – Yoko Ono

Paddy Hanna returns with the bustling rhythm and musicality of instant indie-gem ‘Yoko Ono’

Soak – purgatory

The angular melodic indie of ‘purgatory’ gives us a further glimpse into the over-arching sound of Soak’s forthcoming If I Never Know You Like This Again.

Alyxis – Chaos

Set to a buzzsaw beat, the layer intricacies of Alyxis’ music resonates throughout the warped electronic air of ‘Chaos’.

Les SalAmandas – Gold (Fall With The Gun)

Deeply atmospheric and captivating in its nature, the deftly woven feel of Les SalAmandas ‘Gold (Fall With The Gun)’ leaves a lasting impression.

Dirty Dreamer – Electric Sleep

Taken from Dirty Dreamer’s new album The Everyday In Bloom, the Lynchian tone and dreamlike mood of ‘Electric Sleep’ is as vivid as it is entrancing.

Happyalone – Car Crash

‘Car Crash’ finds Happyalone traversing 80’s synth-pop stylistics as the trio deliver a beat that pulsates and resonates with an array of sonic twists and turns.

Photo Credit: Andy Teo

Megan O’Neill – Fail Better

Subtle pop inflections populate the lush sound of Megan O’Neill’s ‘Fail Better’, a single that melds a myriad of melody within itself.

Photo Credit Kathrin Baumbach

Ciaran Lavery – I Am Old Enough To Know What Love Is

Ciaran Lavery weaves a spellbinding trail of songwriting and meaning with his softly portrayed new single ‘I Am Old Enough To Know What Love Is’.

Corner Boy – Blackstairs Winter Snow

Corner Boy’s rolling and tumbling folk sound adds an expansive production to its bow with the driving new single ‘Blackstairs Winter Snow’.

Saibh Skelly – Fix It To Break It

Gently set and intimate in its performance and composition, ‘Fix It To Break It’, taken from Undercover Heartbreak E.P, finds Saibh Skelly blending a powerful vocal deep within the emotional thread of the song itself.

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