TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Fontaines D.C, Skinner, Fya Fox, April & more

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Fontaines D.C. – Skinty Fia

The title-track from Fontaines D.C. forthcoming third album, ‘Skinty Fia’ rumbles with a hard-edge buzzsaw feel as the group expand their sound texturally and sonically.

April – Kiss Goodbye

The closing track on April’s intimate new E.P. When I Comes To You, ‘Kiss Goodbye’ takes shape via April’s hushed vocal, deep bedroom-pop sound and atmospheric textures.

Skinner – The Slump

The melting pot of indie-pop flourishes housed within Skinner’s new single ‘The Slump’ meld into jolting offering with a define shape and feel.

Photo credit Lucy’s Lens Photography

Fya Fox – Hit Me Where It Hurts

‘Hit Me Where It Hurts’ is a darkly lit alt-pop offering from Fya Fox driven from an emotionally taut vocal performance, stylistically strong production and dynamically charged beat.

Niamh Regen – Late Nights

Taken from Niamh Regen’s beautifully tempered E.P. In The Meantime, ‘Late Night’ glistens with a subtle backdrop for Regen’s engrossing songwriting to rest upon.

Photo credit Ellius Grace

Zaska feat. Jess Kav – Calm Down

Rhythmically rich, the contrasting melodies, beats and words of ‘Calm Down’ find Zaska and Jess Kav drawing upon the meaning within the music and lyrics in equal measure.

Shanny – Spring Clean Today

Shanny makes a stylistic debut with the slick R&B of ’Spring Clean Today’ a track awash with vivid beats and soulful harmonies.

Forty Foot – IDNA

Set to a growl and explosion, ‘IDNA’ makes for a bone-rattling, fuzz-filled offering from Dublin trio Forty Foot.

Gemma Cox – My Favorite Sky

A wonderfully crafted piece of baroque-pop from Gemma Cox, ‘My Favorite Sky’ weaves and wanders around captivating performance and widescreen production.

Photo credit Maebh McManus

Zapho – Tell Your Mothers

Awash with atmospheric pop elements, the whispered milieu of ‘Tell Your Mothers’ creates an impactful wall of harmony that runs right through.

Photo credit: Ste Murray

Stomptown Brass – Let Me Stay

Marking something of a sonic sea change for Stomptown Brass, ‘Let Me Stay’ finds the group coming out of their two year hiatus with a track that introduces inflections of electronic music into the bustling brass characteristics of their sound.

Arlene – Somebody Else

Arlene delivers an ambitious swing for the fences pop banger in shape of the pulsating push and pull of ’Somebody Else’.

Brenna Carroll – Running For The Hills

Closing out Brenna Carroll’s resonantly atmospheric E.P. Living Room, ‘Running For The Hills’ has an up-close intimate feel that lets the performance and song speak for itself.

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