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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Melts, Thumper, The Clockworks, Sprints & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Melts – Waltzer

The intricate, long-form, hypnotic pulse of Melts music comes to the fore on the sprawling ‘Waltzer’, a tracks rises, falls and spirals around the bands characteristic post-punk atmospherics.

Mob Wife – Cutting Teeth On Suburban Curbs

A growling and brooding undercurrent resides within the angular alt-rock of Mob Wife’s dynamically charged ’Cutting Teeth On Suburban Curbs’.

Problem Patterns – YAW

Cutting through like a buzzsaw of distortion, pounding beats and snarled vocals, Problem Patterns pointed punk track ‘YAW’ grabs the attention lyrically and sonically.

A. Smyth – Long Night

A. Smyth returns with the stylistically lush indie-folk of ’Long Night’, a track that surrounds Smyths subtle songwriting in a multilayered soundscape.

Columbia Mills – Heart of a Nation

‘Heart of a Nation’ strikes an imposing figure as Columbia Mills maximal indie sound buzzes and growls its way around the tracks’ icy core.

Sprints – Delia Smith

Taken from Sprints bone-shaking new E.P. A Modern Job, ’Delia Smith’ roars, rattles and tears apart as Sprints short sharp shock sound pushes at the edges.

The Clockworks – Endgame

‘Endgame’ finds the Clockworks winding their sure-footed indie sound around a wall of guitars, quick snap drums and building lyric themes.

Photo by Roisin Murphy O’Sullivan

Thumper – Topher Grace

The zenith of Thumper’s towering debut Delusions of Grandeur (TLMT Review) ’Topher Grace’ is set against a buzz-saw backdrop of angled fuzzed ridden guitars and punctuated beats, while lines like “I hate myself and want to live. I want to love. I want to give, I want to take and be taken care of” contrast lyrically whilst delivered with the same singular energy as the music. 

Dee Fitz – Lucky Lover

Dee Fitz powerful central performance tales centre stage in the pensive pop track ’Lucky Lover’, making for a captivating offering from the artist.

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