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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Thumper, Kynsy, Pillow Queens, April & more

TLMT adds to its Weekly Spotify playlist with new music from the past 7 days in Irish music.

Photo by Paula Trojner

Kynsy – New Year

Set against a rattling, jolting backdrop, Kynsy’s ‘New Year’ takes melds an unsettling air sonically and lyrically into a striking single alive with indie-pop invention.

Photo by Róisín Murphy O’Sullivan

Thumper – Fear of Art

Our final glimpse of Delusions of Grandeur before its release on March 18th, ‘Fear Of Art’ finds Thumper honing their ragged noise-ridden sound into wider sonic aspects.

Photo by Rich Gillian

Pillow Queens – No Good Woman

‘No Good Woman’ has a tender textural feel that highlights Pillow Queen ability to blend harmonic and melodic threads within their emotionally layered songwriting.

April – Pressure

April continues to weave her thread of stylistically singular singles with ‘Pressure’. Resting upon contrasting dynamic and sonic beat, April melds melody with meaning.

Photo by Y-Control Photography

Beauty Sleep – I Love It Here I Hate It

The forever sonically lush Beauty Sleep make their return with the vivid sounds of ‘I Love It Here I Hate It’ finds the duo firmly on surefooted indie-gem territory.

Photo by Susannah Appleby

J Smith – Skipping Stones

An intricately woven indie-folk offering from J Smith, ‘Skipping Stones’ resonates upon a bedrock of intimate songwriting, performance and production.

Photo by Audrey Gillespie

Naoise Roo – Whore

Remixed by John Agnello, Naoise Roo’s ‘Whore’ (taken from Roo’s Lilith) rumbles and growls beneath the songwriters brooding, spiky delivery.

Stephen James Smith – I’ve Had Lovers

Woven from pensive soundscapes and expressionistic introspection, Stephen James Smith’s ‘I’ve Had Lovers’ makes for a compelling intro the artists upcoming See No Evil.

Daithí – Familial

Set to a wave of electronic pops and clicks, the intricate pulse of Daithí’s ‘Familial’ moves beneath a texturally atmospheric foreground giving the track a real sense of depth.

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