TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music by Just Mustard, Bobbi Arlo, Aonair, CMAT, April & more

CMAT – Every Bottle (Is My Boyfriend)

CMAT builds towards the release of her debut album If My Wife Knew I’d Be Dead, with the unflinchingly reflective lyrical anxiety of ‘Every Bottle (Is My Boyfriend)’.

Just Mustard – Still

Taken from Just Mustard’s newly announced album Heart Under, ‘Still’ shudders with a restless tension that resides deep within Just Mustards’ sound.

Aonair – Millennial Bug

Expansive-pop artist Aonair makes his return with the widescreen scope of ‘Millennial Bug’ a song that leaves a trail od vivid sounds and array of sonic colors.

Bobbi Arlo – Parasite

Continuing on from a string of stellar single releases, Bobbi Arlo’s ‘Parasite’ once again sets the artist apart with a sound that melds mood and melody beneath a slick pop sheen.

April – Hotel

April’s latest offering ‘Hotel’ winds itself around tender songwriting with layers of shimmering pop beats that rise and fall with the track’s own lyrical depths.

Clara Tracey – Harry Clarke

The spellbinding air of Clara Tracey’s ‘Harry Clarke’ plays out like a story being told in atmospheres and soundscapes that are distant and abstract.

St. Bishop – Friends

Set to slow-burn then glistening overtones, St. Bishop’s lush offering ‘Friends’ dynamic pushes and pulls focus in a fully impactful way.

Scattered Ashes – This New Will

The angular post-punk that rumbles at the core of Scattered Ashes’ ‘This New Will’ growls within a darkened textural milieu.

Shobsy – Vanity

There’s an intensity to the strong synth-pop flourishes of Shobsy’s swing for the fences new single ‘Vanity’ that resides in every propellant note and soaring melody.

Dea Matrona – Glory, Glory (I Am Free)

A softly set offering from Dea Matrona, the folk flourishes that finds their way into the duo’s new single ‘Glory, Glory (I Am Free)’ showcase another side to the group.

Robocobra Quartet – Heaven

A melting pot of sound and rhythm, Robocobra Quartet’s rolling and tumbling new single ‘Heaven’ is born from motion, musicality and meaning.

Deaf Joe – Shadow Work

The opener on Deaf Joe’s forthcoming Kalachunci (TLMT review), ‘Shadow Work’ melds the textural with the rhythmic in a song that captures the shifting haze of its parent album.

Aimée – Nobody Else

Aimée returns with the maximal pop of ‘Nobody Else’. Aa swing for the fences, all-in track, the single has hooks to spare as Aimée gives a powerful performance.

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